Meet up at the Riverside Transport Museum, anyone?

A new museum of transport has opened on the riverside in Glasgow to replace the old one in Kelvin Hall. As the Museum features, not only old vehicles - steam trains for example, but a recreation on of a Victorian street, I thought I might be a nice idea to visit in our frills, not just out of interest, but for the photo opportunities!

I was thinking perhaps Saturday 30th or Sunday 31st July for the meet, let me know if either of these days suit!


I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update this! 
But anyway, Due to stuff that's cone up, Saturday is the only day I can do that weekend, and as most of you seem to be okay with either (apologies to those of you who can only make the Sunday D-:) I'm organizing the meet for Saturday 30th July!

I would imagine we will meet in Glasgow Central and make our way via train and on foot to the Museum. I am in the process of figuring out the best way there and planning a route, and I will Update again in a few days with details!! 

Hope to see you there!! 
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Meet up on the 18th of August

 Hi there! My 20th birthday is on August the 18th and seeing as a lot of you have become really lovely friends to me I'd like to spend it with the Scottish Lolitas! The facebook event is here

Basically the plan is to meet at 12:00pm at Waverley Station in Edinburgh on the 18ths of August and then if the weather is nice have a picnic in the gardens and also tour parts of the Fringe festival. If the weather isn't nice I'm sure we can find a nice tea room :)

Let me know if you'd like to come! 
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Outfit help

I have several pieces of Lolita clothing and accessories. Sadly I'm not the best person in the world for deciding what looks best where worn together.

Wondering if I took nice, clear photos of my diffferent items (well those that fit properlt), would some of you be willing to help me match pieces together so I can have some proper outfits organised for meets etc.

Many thanks
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Future meet ups?

I always seem unable to attend the meet ups due to prior commitments or ill health.

Is anyone organising another meet up for Jully or Aaugust at all? We coudl choose something from the Edinburgh Fringe listings for August and go see that. This there's some Japanese/Japanese inspired performances.

Would anyone be interested?
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EDIT: International Lolita day~~!

Hey everybody!
So Lolita day is coming up, 4th of june saturday
Just wondering if scotland wanted to do anything! :D
Plannings completely open and i know this is short notice.
Tea,movies, museums ect ect~ 
Either town also :3 If people are wanting it to be Glasgow's turn.

Looking forward to your input and had a great time last meet!
All the best,
Lauren xX
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!!! URGENT !!! Tomorrows meet up !!!

 Howdy everyone!
Just a message from rachel!

Due to weather plans have been switched to Yo!Sushi!!
Still meeting at the station at 12:30am!! (pending)

If you are still going please comment so we can know who is still goign!
Thank you!
All the best,
Lauren xX

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(no subject)

Hi! :)

I've been a member of the facebook group for a while, but because I work on weekends have never actually been able to come to a meet :( I'm just properly getting started onto lolita fashion now (after a few awful mishaps and mistakenly thinking that a Japanese Medium is anywhere near a European >_<) and I thought I'd join since you all seem like lovely ladies!

I've just joined Livejournal too, and if I'm posting this in the totally wrong place I do apologise...

Currently I don't even have any coords, I do however have a nice blouse/skirt combo which is unfortunately too small for me (said Japanese medium) and I've ordered a nice brown one to go with lovely boots I got some time ago. Any advice is much appreciated, I'm pretty much a beginner although I probably know what *not* to do :)

<3 Megs
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May picnic meet up!

 This is my first time organising a Scot Loli meet up so please forgive me if I make mistakes! 

Date: 21st of May (CAN BE CHANGED)
Time: 12:30
Meeting: Waverley Station
Plans: Lolita picnic/tea party in Princes Street Gardens
Bring: Blankets, food and drink, frisbees!
Let me know if you plan on coming along so I can keep a list and make sure everyone arrives safely. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if I've made any mistakes please let me know so I can amend them asap. Hope to see you there!
Rachel X
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(no subject)

Only just discovered that there is now a Scottish Lolita community and very excited it exists. My name is Lauren and I've been interested in the fashion for a good few years now. I am Scottish but spent a year in Manchester, during which time I was involved with the Manchester Lolita scene. I have since moved back to Glasgow but never got around to getting involved again. I'm aware I've just missed a meet but would very much like to be in touch about future meets.

About me, I'm 25 (so probably older than most of you :P), a final year English Literature student and alternative model. If you want to know anymore, feel free to ask questions or add me as a friend (though I recommend a thorough read of my profile first!)

I haven't been wearing a lot of lolita clothing recently but here is a Collapse )