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Valentine's Meet Up


Valentine's Meet Up

Hello Everyone!

We are having a Valentine's Day Meet Up

Where: Edinburgh
When: 25th February
Time: 13.00-18.00

The plan is to meet in Edinburgh Waverley Station at 13.00. We will wait until 13.30 for latecomers. 

Since Edinburgh has so many cute vintage shops, we will be taking a walk around and checking some out, including Armstrong's on the Grassmarket (which is great for blouses!). Then we will be having some tea and cakes and enjoying our beautiful clothes together :)

Please bring along a little gift, worth less than £5, to give to another girl and be her Valentine! Just something small like a cute hair accessory or brooch. 

Please check out and join the Facebook group for more details:

Hope to see you there.

Terri & Meghan :) x

(Also, please excuse my terrible command of HTML!) 

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