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Autumn Lolita Meet-up!!!

Hello everyone!

Here are the details for the Autumn Lolita meet-up!

• 12.00: Everyone meets at Waverly train station.
We will wait here until 12:25 and then head to the Dungeons.
(So if anyone lives in Edinburgh or if anyone is coming through buy bus and finds it easier just to meet on Market St, we can get you there instead).

• 12.35: Edinburgh Dungeons.
The tour lasts approx an hour and ten minutes.
If you buy a ticket on the door it will cost you £16.20! Or if you buy it in advance online, and select the ‘12:30-14:00 slot’ it will only cost you £11.20:
Or Emma has provided a buy-one-get-one-free voucher, from ‘Voucher cloud’. You just need to sign-up with them:
I was told that because we are each using vouchers I can’t book a place for our group in advance. So we might have to queue for a while.(I have estimated a 35min wait??).

• 2.45: Lunch at the Southern Cross Cafe on Cockburn Street, it's booked, yaaay! 

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