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Classic/Gothic/KodonaThings to Make?

Greetings, all!

I'm a Glasgow-based seamstress/designer type who's interested in making lolita styled designs (particularly since Kerry and Tina have come along to various steampunk meetups etc I've been at in such inspiring ensembles!), and I wanted to ask which items the Scottish Lolitas would recommend to make first?

I plan to offer them for sale worldwide on my site www.gaia-noir.co.uk , and at the stalls I run in various Glasgow craft fairs. I'm particularly interested in Classic, Steampunk Lolita and Kodona styles, with maybe some Gothic - because I have lots of mad ideas but also don't necessarily want to terrify non-lolita customers with some nightmarish Guro dress whilst running stalls alongside...'normal'...people :D so I'm thinking some basic skirt styles (already got a few of these on the site), Victoriana blouses (detachable sleeves or no?), more bloomers, breeches, and...

perhaps a nice dark velvet JSK, a bit like this?:

I'm slightly limited by my materials choices, as it's an eco business I'm running - and ethical fabrics have a MUCH better selection than they used to, but I don't really use plastic bits and certain prints just can't be found yet (Yet. Until I suggest a black/white vertical stripe and a cupcake print or so to my fabric suppliers...!). However, with a bit of creativity, most limitations could be overcome :)

Would love to know what items you'd like to see, if you have a moment. Thanks very much!

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