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hi i'm a lolita who moved to scotland two years ago. I have'nt been part of the lolita community for that long, so i was really glad I found this! i noticed that it hasn't been posted on in a while, so I'm just wondering if there's anyone active on it? I'd love set up a new scottish lolita community if there's anyone interested.

thankyou! xxx

non-scottish in Scotland


I'm a Portuguese girl living in Scotland for the next 4 years or so and love wearing lolita! I'm staying in Stirling but studying in Glasgow so if any of you girls would like to hang around and talk about the frills drop a line <3
This is basically copy-pasta'd from my blog. I was thinking of adding some more photos of you folks from the meet and cross posting to EGL main comm? Between us we have pictures of everone I'm sure.

Apr. 20th, 2012

While we were away, Lovinglolisa and I were talking about trying to bring back this LJ comm. It's kind of fallen by the wayside in favour of facebook like a lot of lj comms, but just in case there's other new scotlolis out there or anyone not on facebook it'd be nice to still have an active-ish LJ comm.

SO, what have the scotlolis been up to lately?

Lisa and I were in Tokyo until recently, which i made a wee video clip show thing of;


Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to do this or if this will even work because I rarely use LiveJournal, so I hope this is okay! I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself as I just found this group on here. I am originally America, but I now live in St. Andrews, and really miss my super active Lolita community from my life in Pittsburgh (it's the reason I used LiveJournal at all because they also planned events through it, actually).

Anyway, I really hope to be able to attend some meet-ups or something and get involved in the fashion scene again and meet some new people, especially if/when there are meet-ups in Edinburgh as it is easier for me to get to than Glasgow.

Oh. And I do kodona-style Lolita only :) Though I want to explore Aristocrat and Pirate if I can in the future. I figure that is important to share.

And everyone can call me Yuki. I suppose that is also important.

Anyway, hope to see everyone sometime in the future!

-Prince Yuki

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Autumn Lolita Meet-up!!!

Classic/Gothic/KodonaThings to Make?

Greetings, all!

I'm a Glasgow-based seamstress/designer type who's interested in making lolita styled designs (particularly since Kerry and Tina have come along to various steampunk meetups etc I've been at in such inspiring ensembles!), and I wanted to ask which items the Scottish Lolitas would recommend to make first?

I plan to offer them for sale worldwide on my site www.gaia-noir.co.uk , and at the stalls I run in various Glasgow craft fairs. I'm particularly interested in Classic, Steampunk Lolita and Kodona styles, with maybe some Gothic - because I have lots of mad ideas but also don't necessarily want to terrify non-lolita customers with some nightmarish Guro dress whilst running stalls alongside...'normal'...people :D so I'm thinking some basic skirt styles (already got a few of these on the site), Victoriana blouses (detachable sleeves or no?), more bloomers, breeches, and...

perhaps a nice dark velvet JSK, a bit like this?:

I'm slightly limited by my materials choices, as it's an eco business I'm running - and ethical fabrics have a MUCH better selection than they used to, but I don't really use plastic bits and certain prints just can't be found yet (Yet. Until I suggest a black/white vertical stripe and a cupcake print or so to my fabric suppliers...!). However, with a bit of creativity, most limitations could be overcome :)

Would love to know what items you'd like to see, if you have a moment. Thanks very much!


I'm an Australian living in Glasgow until after the new year, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover this group and to find out there are Lolitas living around here! How many of you guys are in Glasgow?